Japanese tattoos are based on a full body concept that is built in sections. Each Japanese tattoo fits the previous and possibly the next, but also are beautiful alone. Especially the backgrounds ensure that all tattoos become one, which is an important issue in the Japanese style. The backgrounds are often in black and white, the real subject of the tattoo is usually in color. Japanese tattoos clearly have their own distinct and timeless style, which after 20/30 years - if well put - still looks good.


  • Stories about the 108's Hero of the Suikoden
  • Certain Buddhist gods and demons
  • Mythical animals like the Phoenix, Kirin, dragons, tigers, koi carp, Fu dogs, snakes etc.
  • Zodiac (Astrology)
  • Auspicious symbols

Greg has visited Japan and the many tattoo artists there a several times. He has studied the Japanese tattoo culture and history and, of course, let himself got tattooed the traditional way. In the shop you will find an extensive collection of books about the Japanese style.