About Dragon


Orie Lightning, formerly known as Greg Orie, founded Dragon Tattoo in 1984 with the intention of creating 'the coolest shop ever'. Starting in the attic and after taking a few detours, Dragon is now on the current spot at the Kerkstraat in the heart of Eindhoven. According to Lightning, Dragon Tattoo needed to be a shop where old styles were maintained. In other words, the tattoo tradition had to be inextricably linked to the shop.

Above all Dragon Tattoo would be a place for everyone: young and old, regardless of gender, color, sexual orientation or religion. A place where someone is at his / her convenience. The picture that Greg had in mind in 1984, has become reality. Meanwhile, Greg handed the shop over to his son Jim, who wants to continue the original intention of the shop. After all these years, Dragon Tattoo is still a place for everyone.