Lettering and Script

Lettering and script is a classic category when it comes to tattoo design.

This is probably also one of the most popular.


Difference between Script and lettering:

Script tattoos bring class and sophistication to tattooed words and phrases thanks to cursive handwriting. Script tattoos work best horizontally, so body placement is particularly important when choosing this type of font.


Tattoo lettering is a kind of design used in letters and numbers. You can pick the kind of font you want and the tattoo artist will copy it using the words that you want to be inked on your body.

If you’re interested in getting a letter, word, or quote tattoo, you’ll need to make a very deliberate font choice. Font can change the whole vibe of a tattoo, so you’ll need to make sure the font fits not only the phrase you’ve picked, but also your intentions or personality.