Mandala is a word in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, meaning wheel or circle. It is a sacred symbol of infinity that brings together the earth and the cosmos. These mandalas also serve as an aid to meditation.

A mandala consists of a basic circle which is usually filled with geometrical figures, shapes, lines, symbols and/or colors. They are always symmetrical and draw the eye to the center. It is connected with sacred geometry (which in turn is in connected to spirituality), psychology and healing.

So you're interested and you’re wondering what Thomas can do for you. Well, besides the fact that he was the first in the Netherlands that specialized in Dotwork, he manages to combine this with traditional tattoo styles flawlessly. And since this rising star wants to rise even further he want to continues to develop by interpreting different elements in his own way to keep that unique ‘Thomas tattoo style’. Perfect for small, middle, big and body-covering pieces. A real tattoo with symbols that apply to you, and you alone!