Awesome, you want to get ink done. At Dragon Tattoo we value personal contact. 

What kind of tattoo do you want? In what style? Small or large?
By who you want to be tattooed? Because every artist has his own style.

Can you answer these questions? Then we can estimate what the costs are, how long your tattoo session will last and how many appointments are needed. How small or large your tattoo may be, we keep in mind that new tattoos can connect to old tattoos as one. Think of it as a well-fitting suit, written on your body.




Interested in a Tattoo or Piercing?


If you are interested in making an appointment
Would you please provide us  with your;
-Email address
-Phone number
-Tattoo subject  (photo or image of your tattoo design).

Our Floormanager(s) will contact you as soon as possible to answer your tattoo or piercing related questions and he/she can schedule an appointment for you.

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