Fade laser


In the shop we also have a special furnished room where professional skin therapist Ellen performs laser treatments. Before you start cheering, there are some conditions attached.

You can only get lasered if it is in the best interest of your new tattoo. For the so-called cover-up. Imagine: in your wild years you have chosen a tattoo you are very ashamed of nowadays. Or, how cliché, the name of that bonehead of an ex, and you want to get something else. In most cases, you will then have to undergo a few laser-treatments to make the old tattoo fade. So we only perform laser treatments to make something that is already there even more beautiful, better, cooler etc.

It is not possible to make an appointment, just for the removal of your tattoo. Because we cannot guarantee that the tattoo will disappear completely.

An exception is made for particularly poor executed tattoos on hands, neck and face (although we still can't guarantee that they will disappear completely)


  • Before treatment, no tanning in the sun of a tanning bed for 6 weeks. This is because of possible pigment shifts. The laser works on the pigment in the tattoo and if you are tanned the laser can work on the active pigment in your skin which leads to a lighter or darker stain.
  • After the treatment you can’t tan for even three months for the same reason.
  • You really can’t resist the sun? Always use a sunblock to protect your skin.
  • After treatment there will be blisters and scabs. Despite the difficulties, don’t touch it to prevent infection and scarring. So no pricking and scratching!
  • Drink a lot of water after the treatment (especially when there are large areas treated)
  • Try to keep the treated area as dry as possible the first week. Does it get wet, then pat dry, certainly not rub! No swimming or taking a bath for two weeks.
  • If you use antibiotics during the treatment, then you always have to report it. Antbiotics make the skin more sensitive to the laser. This can cause pigment changes, bulges and blisters. Trust us; you don’t want that. Treatment continues 10 days after the end of the cure.
  • Also the use of new medications need tot o be reported. Some meds really can not go together with the laser treatment with the result that the treatment should be delayed or even cancelled.